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Dominoes originated in China three centuries ago! At the onset, they were used as instruments of divination. When they arrived in Europe in the 18th Century, they became a game unto themselves. Before being made of wood or plastic, the first European dominoes were carved from bone!
Around 1760, John Spilsbury, a London printer and cartographer, glued a map of England to a fine piece of mahogany. Then he cut the board into pieces, following the lines of each English county. Thanks to him, puzzles have become legendary, but most of all, he allowed children to learn geography while having fun!
Snakes and Ladders existed two centuries before Jesus Christ. It originated from a Hindu game known as Moksha-patamu, representing the spiritual path of man confronted with worldly temptation. The snakes symbolize evil and the ladders reward courage and good deeds. Be good!