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Knowledge is acquired through a variety of cognitive processes: perception, learning, reasoning, memory, experience and accounts. There are many forms of knowledge, such as acquisition (knowledge of one or more languages, knowing that water will put out fire, etc.) and know-how (knowing how to swim, knowing how to cut up things, knowing how to ride a bicycle, etc.). Play allows the child to acquire knowledge though pleasurable experiences, practice new skills and create souvenirs to which the child may refer and reuse the knowledge acquired on a daily basis. Play challenges the child’s existing knowledge.

How to stimulate the child's development through play...

While playing a game, there are several strategies that can help the child improve his thought process and learning. The game must offer a surmountable challenge, neither too easy nor too difficult. Some games allow the selection of levels of difficulty. Play with your child the first few times to assess the level that suits him. Encourage your child to reason things out himself. Offer avenues to explore, tips and examples of situations where he might have encountered the object or character. Reflect with him out loud so that he can understand your strategies and develop his own. Create an atmosphere that encourages the child’s participation and anticipate adaptive measures based on his capabilities (increase the time allotted to answer a question, add the possibility of accumulating points for effort, etc.). Understand that the child who feels competent will be motivated to persevere further in the game without experiencing discouragement when faced with a bigger challenge. Be prepared to encourage where necessary.

To stimulate the intellectual curiosity of your child, choose a game suited to his tastes and interests. Finally, at the approach of kindergarten, introduce the child to games that encourage learning to read, write, calculate and seek knowledge. This is the time to broaden his interests and initiate contact with new subjects.

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General Knowledge

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